Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Terms

Students will only be granted access to any online content and offer the lesson once the payment is received.
Where a student can’t attend a class, he will need to let Coding Tech staff know at least 1 day before the lesson. Failing to do so will result of pay the full price for the lesson.

1.1 Refunds

Refunds will only be granted in extenuating circumstances such as medical incapacity or bereavement, at the sole discretion of the Directors. Extenuating circumstances refer to unforeseen events which may affect a student’s ability to complete their course or partecipate the lesson. In case of refunds granted, some reg. fee may be applied.

1.2 Language

Please note that all the lessons are provided in English. If you wish to receive a lesson in antoher language please double check with the Coding Tech team before book any sessions.

1.3 Deferrals

Students who wish to defer their participation they can do that but giving at least 48 hours notice.

1.4 Refusal

Coding Tech reserves the right to refuse registrations accordingly availability and reserves the right to deny any applications.