Pre-school Classes

Imagination is more important than knowledge



It takes few mins to enrol and get started. 



We regularly update our academic programmes to make sure that we always offer high quality service.


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What to Expect

Have you ever been asked by your child Why is water blue? Do seals have ears? How does electricity work? They are asking a ton of questions every day and are constantly exploring the things that surround them.

We are here to satisfy their curiosity ….

With your child we will be travelling through Physics (motion, energy waves, fluids, forces….)
Chemistry (acids and bases, organic chemistry ….)
Biology (cells, energy, human body [not just head, shoulder, knees and toes], evolution……)

  • Astronomy
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Science

The child will take a journey with us through games, role plays, songs and more.

Implementing a STEM program – Exciting Adventure for everyone involved!

A British science writer once mentioned: “too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve”. Here in this class we offer children the freedom to appreciate through resources we offer, the power that minds, eyes, ears and hands can do. Listening with their eyes (yes you read correctly listening with eyes), speaking with their hands and much more…. The child will be exploring, expressing, asking questions and turn things inside out. We will give space to brainstorming, discovering, designing, building ideas and make them real. Mistakes are always welcome.





Critical Thinking